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Fun & Games at Indian Weddings

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

The Indian wedding is a delightful series of ceremonies that continue for weeks and that do not culminate until well after the actual wedding. These celebrations, fun and games continue to make a wedding something to cherish and remember always. Indian weddings are no doubt the liveliest knot tying events worldwide. The scattering of ceremonies pre and post the Indian wedding are designed to make the bride and grooms families comfortable with each other. The fun and games right through the wedding endear the brides friends and relatives to their counterparts. These games have come down over the ages and are looked forward to all members of both entourages. Here are some of the games:


The groom always removes his shoes before sitting down for the wedding ceremony at the Mandap. The brides’ friends try and pinch his shoes (which are being guarded by the grooms’ friends) and make away with them. For the sake of good humor the shoes are normally “allowed” to be stolen. These are then retrieved after some good natured bargaining when the groom agrees to pay a price to get them back. This game is good humored and breaks the ice between both sides and is accompanied by lots of laughter and leg pulling. The game is normally reserved for the younger crowd.


A gold ring is placed in a large bowl of milk and the bride and groom both asked to immerse their hands into this and fish for it. Whoever retrieves the ring first is the winner, which normally is the bride! Belief has it that the person who gets hold of the ring first rules the relationship. This is a lighthearted game after the wedding is over and seeks to make the bride more comfortable in her new home.


One hand each of the bride and groom are knotted together by a string. Both have to work together to release this in the presence of a large crowd of relatives. Very often the knot just does not open and this is a sign of everlasting happiness.


This is another game played after the wedding has been completed. The couple sits facing in opposite directions with a pillow between them while one of the relatives prods the bride and groom with questions one at a time. Responses by both are only allowed in nods and the questions are hilarious. This game gets the brides mind off her parents as the first few days after a wedding can be quite depressing. Lots of laughter in this game as some of the questions are targeted at members of the family.


This naughty game is played on completion of the wedding ceremony once the bride arrives with the groom to his house. The grooms sisters block the brides’ entry at the door to the house and insist that she bows to a cloth covered deity at the doorstep. The bride bows her head in respect to the family deity after which it is uncovered to show a heap of shoes. This cheeky little game is fun filled with giggles and attempts the cheer the bride and liven her up.
Here is to more fun and games at the always colorful and vibrant Indian weddings!

Khush Singh Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist – NJ, NY, CT


Source: & - Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist

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Faking it with fashion jewelery

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Aaaah! The resplendence of bridal finery…the lovely queen-like clothes, the adornment! One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an Indian bride is dressing up and playing princess for the numerous festivities. And oh yes, who can forget the jewellery!

India has no dearth of variety, the different kinds of stunning jewellery is mind-boggling. Kundan work, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, etc., there’s something for everyone. Getting your Indian wedding jewellery ready can be a huge drain on your finances, and that’s apart from the outfits. But fear not….there’s one option that’s becoming hugely popular – costume or fashion jewellery! A few of you might have cringed reading those words, but going fake need not be a step down. Stores in India have huge selections of costume jewellery nowadays. Glittering chandelier earrings, chic gold cuffs, cocktail rings et al can be yours for a fraction of the price compared to the real deal. Vintage pieces that are more often costume are very much the trend right now too.

If you still can’t see yourself wearing costume jewellery for your wedding ceremony, definitely consider the option for your numerous other wedding related functions like the sangeet, mehndi or cockail party. Thanks to their relative affordability (branded costume jewellery can be expensive too, mind you!) matching your jewellery sets to your outfit is a piece of cake; stores even change the beads, stones and polish for you so you can use for your favourite pieces over and over again. Gold plated jewellery is also popular among those who want the look of gold but without the hefty price tags. A lot of us nowadays can’t justify spending a whole lot of cash for one day or don’t have the means to do so; costume jewellery takes cares of your woes; you can buy stunning pieces and yet keep within budget.

Fashion jewellery is no longer considered tacky, thanks to the great quality of jewellery available. Well-made fashion jewellery can even look chicer than the real stuff! Styles ranging from modern to traditional, stonework to rhinestones, you can play around and even pick up a couple of options. Like all jewellery, real or costume, pay attention to the finish. A so-so quality and finish can ruin your whole look and make it look inexpensive. Brides can even have designs custom-made, for something uniquely their own. Remember, style and elegance need not mean a hefty price tag. Enjoy your baubles!

Khush Singh Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist – NJ, NY, CT


Source: & - Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist

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Indian Wedding Beauty Tips

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

While planning your wedding, it’s always a good idea to consider the oft-overlooked area of cosmetics. Couples break-up; couples make-up, but a bride should only wear make-up if it’s already a part of her daily routine. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway, and it makes sense: experimenting with a new look is probably best avoided for the big day. For some a liberal dose of mascara and eyeliner was nothing new.

Try It Out Before the Big Day
If a bride wishes to try a new look, experts suggest a few practice runs long before the big day. Whether it’s a new style or new colors, it’s best to get a sense of how the makeup will look with the gown. Obviously, subdued makeup in subtle tones would be a much better match for a traditional dress than heavy, Gothic eyeliner. So the style of dress is just as important when it comes to choosing makeup looks when planning a wedding.

Equally important in the decision-making process is the bride’s planned hairstyle. An upswept look would call for a very clean, flawless facial palette in warm colors such as violets, lilacs, soft pinks and plums. Naturally the first consideration is matching a bride’s natural skin shades. As a rule, however, the lighter the makeup, the better, particularly for summer weddings with higher temperatures. Also, warm and cooler tones should never be mixed.

Consider the Natural Look
Neutral tones, also known as varied earth tone shades, are quite popular for brides. Their colors are subtle and muddied, offering a more enhanced natural look. Many brides opt for this look: simple concealer, a bit of eyeliner and light lipstick are both easy to apply, lend a natural look and require less maintenance on the big day.

Also important to consider when planning wedding day makeup is how it will photograph. If possible, request the photographer take a few trial photos of the bride while wearing the intended makeup. This will highlight any possible conflicts between the chosen colors and how they photograph.

Allow Time to Test
When planning the wedding, some brides feel most comfortable scheduling a bit of time before the ceremony to meet with a beauty products consultant. Some consultants are willing to provide service right at the wedding location; others prefer the bride and her attendants visit the salon. Should your wedding include a salon visit, again a dry-run is advisable. The bride and attendants should visit at least one time prior to the ceremony date, choose the makeup they’ll be using and practice applying it as they’ll want it to look for the wedding. Most importantly, a bride should never hire an unknown makeup consultant for her big day; it must be someone they know and trust who has applied makeup for them once or twice at a minimum.

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Bridal Mehendi Designs for your Hands

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

The most beautiful designs add grace to a bride's hands. Here are some of the most intricate designs I have seen. 

Asian weddings are busy times for brides. The household of the bride is more busy, lively and full of action than any other time. The bride may have Mahdi, Sangeet as well as the wedding day reception, and apart from these few other family traditions such as treats from uncles and family, the groom will also be waiting for his Waleema, as well as the wedding reception day.

The event may start a week earlier than the big day, but the preparation and arrangements start month in advance. The Mehdi, as we call it, or henna night, is not an easy task. An expert will be appointed for the task. It will start in the morning and may take up to four hours for the job to be completed. Further to that two hours will be needed for drying time, which means the bride will have to sit in one position for hours, and then walk around for another two, with their hands in the air and touching nothing.

Once the henna is on the hands and feet then someone will have to feed the bride and help her on other issues. She also must not shake hands with anybody, which can be a real nightmare, but it is very enjoyable too as Medhi is a tradition of Asia. It is not faith related - Muslims and Hindus and almost all Asian faiths put on Mehdi as brides.

Mehdi colours can stay on the hands for up to a week. Mehdi designs are very traditional. In some parts of India, Mehdi is so popular that now it has it's own night. Many ladies will gather and sing traditional Mehdi songs. This is a female only night, and lots of dancing will also take place.

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half lashes = better flutter

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist


There is a common misconception that slapping on a full set of false lashes will give you the extra va va voom your mascara and titchy lashes can’t provide. While your lashes will indeed appear longer, often a full set of falsies can look too heavy and pretty obviously, well… fake.

To achieve a more natural-looking fuller flutter, follow these steps:

-    Cut your full set of lashes in half.
-    Starting in the middle of your upper lash line and working towards the outer corner of your eye, glue one half of the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line.
-    Repeat on the other eye.
-    Save the two unused parts of your lashes for another outing, they’re perfectly good to be used the same way.

Following these steps will result in a subtle yet vampy lash flick at the outer corner of your eyes. You’ll find that your normal lashes will blend in to the half strip of false lashes like they’re joined together – without looking like they belong on a Drag Queen!

From:Beauty and

Khush Singh New York New Jersey Bridal & Indian Bridal Makeup Artists

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Expert Tips on your Wedding Pictures

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

It is that one day in your life when you want to look back and not notice your face looking goth white, or your outfit clashing with the backdrop, or the light shining in your eyes giving you a supernatural look. What should brides to be and grooms to be keep in mind when they get their wedding photographs done? We asked ace fashion photographer Jatin Kampani to give us some tips.

A wedding is a live event, and capturing pictures which sum the essence and the energy of the event is a skill that the photographer must have. Kampani is against the posed norm for wedding photographs. He says, "When capturing moments to remember, candid shots look much better as opposed to posed. Posing is best left to professional models in a photo shoot , which is essentially stage managed, and the entire purpose of capturing the emotions and mood of the bride and the groom on the most important day of their lives would be lost as it would look stage managed too." Be natural, be aware, and be yourself.

Lighting is an important part of any wedding photography, given that the scenario is the usually a stage or mandap which has photographers aim direct light at the subjects. According to Jatin, "As far as the lighting goes, it would be better to use diffused lighting bounced off the ceiling or a wall rather than flash lights pointing at the subjects directly otherwise the images will tend to look too flat and harsh."

Make up for photography is definitely tricky given that it needs to be natural enough not to look like a mask, and yet play up your best features in the photographs. Says Jatin, "Again, with the make up, keep it simple and not too loud. One wants to look good and pleasing on their wedding day, wanting to stand out and not making the make up the stand out feature."

Other tips you could use are visiting the site of the wedding and reception to determine the best spots to be photographed against. Decide on the colours of the backdrop to make sure they complement what you will be wearing. Too strong or too overwhelming backdrops could make you look washed out.

Meet up with your photographer beforehand to determine the shots you require and when they will be shot. and
Khush Singh New York New Jersey Bridal & Indian Bridal Makeup Artists

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The Look: Green & Gold

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Emerald Eyes with Lily Cole

The British model is practically made to wear this hue, thanks to her rich auburn locks. It’s a colour match made in heaven.

To get Lily’s eye look, arm yourself with a pigmented shadow and a good eye primer.

1.) To begin, ensure your eyelids are free of residual make-up before taking to them with an eye primer. We love NP Set Eye Primer because it keeps your lids nourished and ensures your shadow stays put.

2.) Next, line your upper lash line with a loose green or aqua powder, then blend the colour upwards and outwards until your eyelid is covered and there is a hint of colour near your brow bone. Don’t forget to softly define your lower lash line too, extending the line until the two lines meet at the outer corner of the eye. For a pigmented colour that stays put, we like Prestige Cosmetics Let Loose eyeshadow in Galaxy (a deep apple green).

3.) To finish your eye look, apply lashings of a deep black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. We love Rimmel London 1-2-3 Looks Mascara.

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Bridal Makeup - Do' and Don'ts for your Wedding Photographs...

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Getting your make up right for the big day can feel like a massive task, even if you have entrusted yourself to the care of a professional make up artist. At times, if the make up professional goofs up, you could end up looking eeriely white faced or like a overtly pink pastry in all your photographs.

Make up for a wedding should be done keeping in mind the time of the wedding, for a morning function, keep your colours simple and natural and yet defined, you can go for the all out glam look during the day. Here are some tips that will help you look beautiful both at the wedding itself, and in the photographs you look at for years to come.

Less is More: Don’t get your face made into a mask. Too much foundation, blush and eye make up can take you to the borderline of drag. Insist the make up stays natural. Your best features need to be accentuated and your not so perfect features need to be camouflaged skilfully. Wear as much make up as you are comfortable with or you will look ill at ease in your photographs.

According to Cory Walia, make up expert, the biggest mistake most brides make is choosing blush and lip shades to match their outfits rather than their skin tones. For dusky complexions he recommends shades like caramel and coffee, cobalt and olive green which go with a dusky skin. Pinks, light blues and greens are not recommended. A medium complexion can carry off any colours. Fair complexions he says should stick to pastel shades like peach, baby pink rather than bright reds and fuchsias which can get a trifle overwhelming.

Ensure that your makeup is good for flash photography, choose foundations which have a yellow undertone, which can create a warm appearance in photographs. Judicious use of bronzer at the forehead, the high curve of your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose can create a flushed healthy look.

Use a light dusting of loose powder to set your make up, too much heavy pressed powder use can make your face look chalky and dull, and no powder will make your skin shine.

Your wedding day should have you looking classic, keep your eyeshadow colours natural like bronzes, smoky hues, charcoals, pinks and peaches rather than opt for colours like greens and blues.

Make sure your eyebrows and eyes are well defined so they show well in photographs, but do ensure the blending of shades is done well. The flash can bleach out your features so some definition is always welcome. Shimmer can look glamourous in person but if not used well can make your face look oily. Stick to the matte as far as possible.

Use shimmer as a highlighter not as an all over element in your make up.

Above all, be at ease with your look, if you feel ill at ease, it will show in your photographs. Meet your make up artiste before hand and discuss the kind of look you want with swatches from your outfit, to let them know the colours they could use to complement the outfit. The complete look should look put together seamlessly with no elements that stand out. That, and the confidence that she is looking her best, is what makes a bride look radiant and beautiful both on camera and off.
  Photo Credits:   
  Holland Photo Arts, Andrena Photography, Mili and Sid Ghosh, BinaryFlips Photography, Kumari Photo and Design, Deepika Ghumman and

Khush Singh New York New Jersey Bridal & Indian Bridal Makeup Artists

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Help support a great new Feature Film on Kickstarter

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

The Red Robin" Oscar cast/crew attached to Thriller
Plus I am on the crew!
About this project


Academy Award winner Maximillian Schell (Judgement at Nuremberg)

Dominic Monaghan (Merry in Lord of the RingsTrilogy & "LOST")

Hill Harper ("CSI NY" & Tyler Perry's For Colored GIrls)

Claire Forlani (Meet Joe BLack/ The Medallion)

Jane Alexander (The Ring/Terminator 2/Kramer vs Kramer)

Roger Guenveur Smith(American Gangster/Fighting)

"The Red Robin" was conceived 6 years ago when I was about to max out my credit cards to make my second feature bare-bones, guerilla-style, as in no big names, no trailers, no flashy premiere party at the Ziegfield, just enough to feed the crew so they wouldn't revolt. Previously, I completed a small feature film called "Slaves of Hollywood" with most of the above attributes and was invited to 35 festivals worldwide (winning 3), secured distribution and received rave reviews in Los Angeles, so I was no stranger to the idea of making movies on a shoestring nor how much effort would be required not only to write/shoot/edit the movie but to get out and sell, sell, sell!

What started out as a micro-budget movie with unknown actors has evolved into a film that now has Academy Award stars and producers attached.  We have 6 incredible luminaries of the silver screen:

Executive Producing the movie is Academy Award winner, Jonathan Sanger(Vanilla Sky,The Elephant ManThe Producers) as well as Rick Porras(Co-producer of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy). 

Once the project was fully-packaged, I teamed up with some strong business partners who have helped us raise most of the $525,000 budget. The remaining balance is being filled by a combination of tax-credits, soft government money(depending on where we shoot), and 1 or 2 pre-sales. At this point, we are set to shoot in October 2011.  Why I'm here and what I'm asking for is support to help me cover the balance of our POST PRODUCTION COSTS.  The budget we currently have is enough to get the film "in the can" and ready for a 3 month edit schedule.  At this point, as an editor myself, I am tapping into all the wonderful relationships I have with major post houses to get us great discounts without compromising quality.   I've already cut deals that have reduced my budget from over $100k to $25,000.  Now, with this pedigree of this cast, I know I can get a post-house to barter in-kind services if they have the available edit space and personnel, but I thought how cool it would be to say that this film's post-production was made possible by the Kickstarter community.   If I make my fundraising goal, I will have a special credit in the movie that will say just that.  

I put together this TEASER-TRAILER to give a "taste" of the tone of my "film"  If it all excites, provokes or compels you, please consider donating to be part of this special movie.  Thanks for giving this project your time and consideration.  

Project location: New York, NY

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Face Cream claims to get to the root of wrinkles

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

It's hailed as the magic beauty ingredient that can take years off your face.

And collagen, the skin-plumping protein said to smooth out laugh lines and crow’s feet, seems to be in most anti-wrinkle creams on the market these days.

But what if it were possible to target your skin’s own ‘collagen factory’ and coax it to pump out more of its own?

L'Oreal is to launch a new anti-wrinkle treatment called Lift-Activ which they say has been validated by scientific research

L'Oreal is to launch a new anti-wrinkle treatment called Lift-Activ which they say has been validated by scientific research

That’s the claim, at least, of a cream which is being touted as the first to get to the root of wrinkles.

Its makers say it will be the first anti-ageing cream to pinpoint the collagen-making cells which are vital to youthful skin.

Rubbed into the skin once a day for eight weeks, it tricks ageing skin cells into pumping out levels of collagen normally seen in a much younger body. This plumps up the skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles, according to its makers L’Oreal.

The weapon which targets the key cells is a sugar called rhamnose. It is found in an Amazonian vine called uncaria or cat’s claw and, closer to home, in the sap of the silver birch.

While many types of cells make collagen, those made by cells called papillary fibroblasts contribute the most to the skin’s bounce and texture.

L’Oreal said its scientists screened thousands of naturally-occurring compounds to find one that boosted production of collagen.

The French firm says its product is the first to zero in on these key cells. The cream, called LiftActive Derm Source, which will be launched under the company’s Vichy label in April and will cost about 27 a pot, has been tested by hundreds of women.

When they used it daily for two months, their wrinkles became shorter and shallower by up to a fifth, L’Oreal said.

Julie McManus, the company’s head of scientific affairs, said: ‘For us this is a breakthrough because we have found a compound which can produce an effect on this very important group of cells.

‘Other collagen-stimulating creams work in a relatively untargeted manner. We’ve shown that we’re having an effect exactly where we want it.’

The worth of anti-ageing creams that simply contain collagen, rather than boost its production, has been questioned by scientists.

They said the collagen molecules in such creams are so large that very few make it through the skin.

Dr Blanca Sengerova, an Oxford University protein biochemist, said: ‘It really frustrates me when I see adverts for anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen.

‘Although collagen is structurally important, the protein molecule is far too large to pass through the barrier posed by the skin.’

As a result, the collagen molecules sit on the surface of the face until they are rubbed off or washed away.

Jonathan Hadgraft, professor of biophysical chemistry at the University of London, said: ‘If it did penetrate the skin and get into the blood, it would have to be classed as a medicine.’

Research from another skincare firm, Olay, shows that lines formed by laughing can quickly become permanently etched on our faces.

And the drier the skin is, the quicker the wrinkles take hold, with our 20s and 40s being the prime time for developing lines.

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Mehendi Tips : Do's & Don'ts

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Mehndi Design Book6


Wash the area to be decorated with a good soap (one with a mud base) and water. 
Mehendi should be kept for 2-3 hours till it is fully dry.

Scrape off the dry Mehendi and do not wash it with water for atleast 24 hours, to ensure maximum colour. 

Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar, atleast twice, to the dry area. 
After the tattoos are dried completely get some steam passing through cloves over the gas and apply Vicks for a good darkened color.

When the Mehendi starts fading and appears patchy, it can be removed by applying cosmetic body bleach. 


Do not use an oily soap as this can prevent the color from setting properly 
After the tattoos are applied avoid washing the area with soap or water 
Avoid staying close to the air conditioner as it dries up the mehendi 

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Booking a Wedding Trial with a Professional Makeup & Hair Artist - Indian Wedding Makeup

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

It’s no secret that good makeup artists are in high demand all year long but in particular during peak spring/summer wedding seasons. It just makes sound sense to book your chosen makeup artist well in advance. I recommend spending some time looking over different makeup artists portfolio’s and this can be done easily over the web. Find someone who’s style is similar to your own. Look for reviews and recommendations from past clients. Once you’ve chosen your favorite artist, contact him or her and book a wedding trial. I always suggest booking a wedding trial as far in advance as possible however essentially carrying out the trial 2 -3 months prior to your wedding day. The earlier you book your trial the more likely you are to get the most talented and "in demand" artist working for you on your wedding day. Most makeup and hair artists require a deposit before confirming your date. Find out the terms and conditions of your chosen artist and be sure you are clear on how your date will be held. You may also need to put a deposit towards your wedding day prior to your trial taking place if you are concerned your wedding date may be taken by someone else. "In demand" artists are often booked a year in advance especially during the popular summer wedding weekends.

Before your trial, be sure and take clippings of makeup and hair styles from magazines that you like. Be open and honest with your artist, tell him or her if you have any skin or hair problems and be honest about what you really want from the experience. Listen to your makeup artist, take his or her advice on what works for your skin and hair type. The best professional makeup and hair artists have been well trained and should have a keen eye for detail.

Work closely together with your artist and the results will be incredible and exactly what you were hoping for.

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Intricate Mehendi Designs

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist
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