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Indian Wedding Beauty Tips

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

While planning your wedding, it’s always a good idea to consider the oft-overlooked area of cosmetics. Couples break-up; couples make-up, but a bride should only wear make-up if it’s already a part of her daily routine. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway, and it makes sense: experimenting with a new look is probably best avoided for the big day. For some a liberal dose of mascara and eyeliner was nothing new.

Try It Out Before the Big Day
If a bride wishes to try a new look, experts suggest a few practice runs long before the big day. Whether it’s a new style or new colors, it’s best to get a sense of how the makeup will look with the gown. Obviously, subdued makeup in subtle tones would be a much better match for a traditional dress than heavy, Gothic eyeliner. So the style of dress is just as important when it comes to choosing makeup looks when planning a wedding.

Equally important in the decision-making process is the bride’s planned hairstyle. An upswept look would call for a very clean, flawless facial palette in warm colors such as violets, lilacs, soft pinks and plums. Naturally the first consideration is matching a bride’s natural skin shades. As a rule, however, the lighter the makeup, the better, particularly for summer weddings with higher temperatures. Also, warm and cooler tones should never be mixed.

Consider the Natural Look
Neutral tones, also known as varied earth tone shades, are quite popular for brides. Their colors are subtle and muddied, offering a more enhanced natural look. Many brides opt for this look: simple concealer, a bit of eyeliner and light lipstick are both easy to apply, lend a natural look and require less maintenance on the big day.

Also important to consider when planning wedding day makeup is how it will photograph. If possible, request the photographer take a few trial photos of the bride while wearing the intended makeup. This will highlight any possible conflicts between the chosen colors and how they photograph.

Allow Time to Test
When planning the wedding, some brides feel most comfortable scheduling a bit of time before the ceremony to meet with a beauty products consultant. Some consultants are willing to provide service right at the wedding location; others prefer the bride and her attendants visit the salon. Should your wedding include a salon visit, again a dry-run is advisable. The bride and attendants should visit at least one time prior to the ceremony date, choose the makeup they’ll be using and practice applying it as they’ll want it to look for the wedding. Most importantly, a bride should never hire an unknown makeup consultant for her big day; it must be someone they know and trust who has applied makeup for them once or twice at a minimum.

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