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Expert Tips on your Wedding Pictures

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

It is that one day in your life when you want to look back and not notice your face looking goth white, or your outfit clashing with the backdrop, or the light shining in your eyes giving you a supernatural look. What should brides to be and grooms to be keep in mind when they get their wedding photographs done? We asked ace fashion photographer Jatin Kampani to give us some tips.

A wedding is a live event, and capturing pictures which sum the essence and the energy of the event is a skill that the photographer must have. Kampani is against the posed norm for wedding photographs. He says, "When capturing moments to remember, candid shots look much better as opposed to posed. Posing is best left to professional models in a photo shoot , which is essentially stage managed, and the entire purpose of capturing the emotions and mood of the bride and the groom on the most important day of their lives would be lost as it would look stage managed too." Be natural, be aware, and be yourself.

Lighting is an important part of any wedding photography, given that the scenario is the usually a stage or mandap which has photographers aim direct light at the subjects. According to Jatin, "As far as the lighting goes, it would be better to use diffused lighting bounced off the ceiling or a wall rather than flash lights pointing at the subjects directly otherwise the images will tend to look too flat and harsh."

Make up for photography is definitely tricky given that it needs to be natural enough not to look like a mask, and yet play up your best features in the photographs. Says Jatin, "Again, with the make up, keep it simple and not too loud. One wants to look good and pleasing on their wedding day, wanting to stand out and not making the make up the stand out feature."

Other tips you could use are visiting the site of the wedding and reception to determine the best spots to be photographed against. Decide on the colours of the backdrop to make sure they complement what you will be wearing. Too strong or too overwhelming backdrops could make you look washed out.

Meet up with your photographer beforehand to determine the shots you require and when they will be shot. and
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