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Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

The Red Robin" Oscar cast/crew attached to Thriller
Plus I am on the crew!
About this project


Academy Award winner Maximillian Schell (Judgement at Nuremberg)

Dominic Monaghan (Merry in Lord of the RingsTrilogy & "LOST")

Hill Harper ("CSI NY" & Tyler Perry's For Colored GIrls)

Claire Forlani (Meet Joe BLack/ The Medallion)

Jane Alexander (The Ring/Terminator 2/Kramer vs Kramer)

Roger Guenveur Smith(American Gangster/Fighting)

"The Red Robin" was conceived 6 years ago when I was about to max out my credit cards to make my second feature bare-bones, guerilla-style, as in no big names, no trailers, no flashy premiere party at the Ziegfield, just enough to feed the crew so they wouldn't revolt. Previously, I completed a small feature film called "Slaves of Hollywood" with most of the above attributes and was invited to 35 festivals worldwide (winning 3), secured distribution and received rave reviews in Los Angeles, so I was no stranger to the idea of making movies on a shoestring nor how much effort would be required not only to write/shoot/edit the movie but to get out and sell, sell, sell!

What started out as a micro-budget movie with unknown actors has evolved into a film that now has Academy Award stars and producers attached.  We have 6 incredible luminaries of the silver screen:

Executive Producing the movie is Academy Award winner, Jonathan Sanger(Vanilla Sky,The Elephant ManThe Producers) as well as Rick Porras(Co-producer of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy). 

Once the project was fully-packaged, I teamed up with some strong business partners who have helped us raise most of the $525,000 budget. The remaining balance is being filled by a combination of tax-credits, soft government money(depending on where we shoot), and 1 or 2 pre-sales. At this point, we are set to shoot in October 2011.  Why I'm here and what I'm asking for is support to help me cover the balance of our POST PRODUCTION COSTS.  The budget we currently have is enough to get the film "in the can" and ready for a 3 month edit schedule.  At this point, as an editor myself, I am tapping into all the wonderful relationships I have with major post houses to get us great discounts without compromising quality.   I've already cut deals that have reduced my budget from over $100k to $25,000.  Now, with this pedigree of this cast, I know I can get a post-house to barter in-kind services if they have the available edit space and personnel, but I thought how cool it would be to say that this film's post-production was made possible by the Kickstarter community.   If I make my fundraising goal, I will have a special credit in the movie that will say just that.  

I put together this TEASER-TRAILER to give a "taste" of the tone of my "film"  If it all excites, provokes or compels you, please consider donating to be part of this special movie.  Thanks for giving this project your time and consideration.  

Project location: New York, NY

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