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Selecting Indian Wedding Garlands

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

One of the most significant moments during a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony lies in the exchange of Indian Wedding Garlands.

During this exchange the wedding garlands become the centrepiece.
Australian Indian Weddings provides a quick guide to selecting your type of wedding garland.

Selection of Flower 1. Select the flowers of your choice. It could include one colour (red roses) or a combination of colours (eg. red and white roses)

Availability 2. Enquire if the flowers will be available based on the season when your wedding ceremony takes place.

Suitability 3. Be creative and explain to the person who will prepare your Indian Wedding garlands, the theme and colour of your wedding so that the colour of the flowers stands out against your bridal and groom wear.

Quantity of Flowers 4. The costs of the wedding garlands are based on the flowers selected and the quantity of flowers used.

Delivery 5. When ordering wedding garlands try ordering them so that they are ready for you on the day or atleast the day before the actual wedding ceremony.

Storage 6. Store the wedding garlands in a cooler or cold storage as the summer heat can ruin the flowers They usually last 2-3 days in a cool room

Contact the Temple 7. Contact the local Hindu temple in your state. They should be able to provide you with a local contact that prepares fresh wedding garlands throughout the year.

Contact a local business provider 8. Contact a local business provider specialising in Indian wedding garlands in your state.

Contact a local Indian Wedding Planner 9. Alternatively contact a local wedding planner who can arrange the wedding garlands.

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