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Indian Wedding Dresses

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist size and culture of India
seem to co-exist in terms of magnitude. India is amongst the three largest
countries in the world and its expanse makes it the most culturally diverse
nation too.
The marriage season in India brings with it a certain whiff in the
air about festivity and color.

The collection of
dresses should be a mixture of simple ones like chikan churidars, full
dupattas of phulkari work or again prints that resemble the south cotton
trends. The elegant formal collections can be salwar kameezs with elaborate
work, embellishments or cuts-patterns.

The way of dressing, the food habits, language, etc., differs from region to
region. There is also diversity in the way Indian marriages are celebrated.
The Indian sari is the national garment of India, which is worn by women.
But this is not necessarily what she wears on her wedding day. Amongst the
common wedding dresses worn in India is the Ghagra Choli.

The Indian drape or the
Indian sari is re-inventing itself. There are bold
trends in the blouse with spaghetti, tie backs and also the tank top. Cowled

ready zip on saris are comfortable and fit snugly. The chiffons or silks is
perfect to give a regal touch to add to the confidence of the new-age bride
with newer trends in the art of sari draping that  enhances the style

The colors are not usual or monotone. The threadwork is intricate,
designer embroidered and real gold or silver threads are used in the
kanjivarams or banarasi saris. A trousseau collection has to be carefully
done to allow lot of colors, trends and giving the bride each time a
different look. The style can be alternated with a pliable hair cut and top
knots or braids can be employed. Styles also dependent on the venue or

Indian weddings are incomplete without the perfect footwear and
jewelry. Pearls, rhinestones, diamonds and white gold are the rules for the
season. Matching semi precious jewelry can be used to assort the
collections. Go for jewelry that speaks about your style. Many times
minimalism speaks eloquently about style. Music and dance are must-haves for
the Indian wedding and hence one could do with a few dress rehearsals.

But for someone who is looking for
exclusive yet inexpensive wedding dresses there is a sea of shops
and boutiques that cater to your taste. So do not be despondent if
you do not get what you want in your budget at the very first go.
Before you go shopping dig into what you actually need.

There are basically 3 sections you
should divide your shopping into formal traditional, western formal
and semi-casual. As there will be occasions in the beginning days
just after the wedding that will require you to wear only

traditional as you will be out for formal dinners and family

Then there will be times where just the two of
you would love to go out, may be for dinner or some formal party nights.
Here you can make most of your western formals. And then of course there are
friends or colleagues you will be meeting. Get the best of the semi-formals
out here. Hence think of the occasions on a whole and you can slot the
purchases into them. Mixing too is a great idea so every time you get
dressed it will seem you have something new.
Get reds and mauves in the traditional segment. But silver is said to be the
colour of the season set against white. So it could be a beautiful white
salwar khameez or sari with silver work strewn around it. Complemented by
silver accessories.

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