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Sindhi Wedding Rituals

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Originally hailing from the Sapt Sindhu, the area of the Sindhu River, Sindhis have become one of the major business communities in India. Popularly found in and around metropolitan cities and townships, Sindhi people are basically Sanatani Hindus and do not follow Hindu rites strictly. In fact, Sindhi weddings are mostly based on Vedic rites. Sindhi wedding ceremony reflects the glimpses of Hinduism and Sufism. The marriage is usually a lavish affair, characterized by great pomp and show. In the community, there are special priests known as Mehraj, specializing in matchmaking and a Guryanni, who is mainly concerned with carrying the horoscopes of eligible boys and girls from house to house.

Sindhi weddings usually take place on an auspicious day, like the Satyanarayan Chandsi or the New Moon day. Traditionally, there are a number of rituals and customs that are performed pre, per and post the wedding day. The Sindhi customs mostly begin right from the time the prospective bride and the groom's family agree to the union, after matching the horoscopes of the two. A priest then fixes the date of wedding and both the families engage themselves in preparations and organizations for the marriage. Colorful customs dominate the wedding place, making it an interesting and enjoyable event. In this section, we have provided comprehensive information about the rituals and customs followed in a Sindhi wedding.

Sindhi Pre Wedding Rituals
Sindhi weddings take place amidst a lot of pomp and show. A lavish affair, the weddings are mostly colorful and traditional. Once the horoscopes of the prospective bride and the groom are matched, the date of the wedding day is fixed. Customs and rituals are not just restricted to the D-Day. In a Sindhi wedding, there are a lot of traditions that are performed well ahead of the wedding rituals.

Sindhi Wedding Ritual
Similar to a Hindu marriage, Sindhi weddings are a highly lavish affair and take place with a lot of flamboyance and gaiety. However, the traditions and rituals still dominate a Sindhi wedding. The customs practiced are not just limited to the wedding day and extend before and after the wedding as well. Mostly, the weddings take place on auspicious day such as the Satyanarayan Chandsi or the New Moon day. There are a number of ceremonies that take place as a part of the wedding rituals. In the following lines, we have provided comprehensive information about the Sindhi marriage rituals and customs.

Sindhi Wedding Customs

Thread Ceremony
Without the performance of thread ceremony, Sindhi wedding is considered incomplete. Turmeric powder and oil is applied to the bride and groom in their respective houses. From then onwards, they are not allowed to step out of the house. Haldi makes the bride and groom look beautiful on their special day.

Swagatam Custom
After the bride has dressed up in her wedding attire, her sisters or other female friends and relatives lead the groom to the bride's place. At the house entrance, the bridegroom places his right foot on the top of the bride's foot. This gesture signifies his dominating strength. Thereafter, he enters the bride's house. The bride's brother washes his sister and her to-be husbnad's feet with milk and water, considering him to be a form of Lord Vishnu.

Hathialo Tradition
As a part of Hathialo tradition, the bridegroom's scarf is tied to one end of the bride's sari. Also their right hands are tied together with a sacred thread. The couple prays to the Lord to bless their union.

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding ceremony is conducted by the priest in the presence of family, friends and relatives. The bride and groom are made to sit in front of the sacred fire and the priest recites selected verses from the Holy scriptures. The family members are directed by the priest to give offerings into the holy fire. The couple takes four rounds around the fire taking vows.

The groom takes the bride's hand to his forehead. This gesture indicates that he accepts her as the better half of his life. The heads of the bride and groom are held together. It represents that from now on, they are one in body, mind and spirit.

Kanya Daan
In the Kanyadaan ceremony, the bride's parents hand over their daughter's hand to the groom and request him to take good care of their daughter. This is followed by Vidai ceremony, when the bride leaves for her husband's house.

Sindhi Post Wedding Rituals
Weddings are great time to make merry and reunite with the family members. Colorful and vibrant, Sindhi wedding rituals are extremely lively and just like marriages performed in other regions of India, extend even after the marriage. Mostly revolved around the bride, the rituals performed are great way to break the ice and make the bride comfortable in the new home and with the new family members.

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