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10 tips to survive a wedding in the snow!

Khush Singh from Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

First off let me start by saying that snow on your wedding day is associated with fertility and wealth so if you are superstitious, relax its a good thing!

If you are both superstitious and practical here are 12 tips to help you survive a wedding in the snow.

1. Confirm all your suppliers are 'snow ready' and still able to travel.

2.  Make sure that all your important people are still able to make the wedding. [Maybe consider hiring a bus or mini bus to ensure they all have a way to get to and from the wedding.]

3. Don't get disappointed if some of your guests are unable to make it to your wedding due to the weather; it's not personal. If you know many wont, remember to change your final numbers with the venue and save yourself some money.

4. Ensure your location will be heated up sufficiently before the wedding ceremony.

5. Make sure your [external] red carpet is all weather. If its not ask them to only use it inside. Red carpet can get wet quickly and is impossible to move, you don't want your dress ruined before you even walk down the aisle.

6. Ask your photographer, or bring yourself, an old white sheet, for outside photographs, particularly on grassy areas [if you are having them taken] stand on it, it will absorb the moisture before it gets to your dress. Appoint someone, not in the wedding party, to move it about.

7. Bring a warm coat or shawl that can be draped over your shoulders while you travel and between photos.

8. If you are travelling somewhere separate to your location or reception for photos bring a flask of hot tea to keep you all warm. [ps don't spill on your dress!]

9. Consider mulled wine or a hot punch for your drinks reception if you haven't already.

10.  Most of all remember that is all part of your love story! Snow on your wedding day only adds to that... make the most of it and above all, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it will be magical!

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